Area of Grey is a NEW collaction of instrumentals and sound sculptures
recorded from 1992-1998 with sounds from Clay Chaplin and Derek VanScoten

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Area of Grey by arman4audio 

Also (not for free) is Nocturne. A collection of Previously unreleased material recorded
in L.A. between 1991-1998. Written and performed by Arman Christoff Boyles,
Scott Rader and a list of guest musicians.

(high res artwork,. Right click to download)

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with Cibola:

"Cibola Road"
2011 (Flickertista Records)

with Product:

"On Water"
2000 (Flickertista Records)

(Cyclops Records)

"The Fire"
(Cyclops Records)

2009 (Flickertista Records)


"Area of Grey"
2011 (Flickertista Records)

2010 (Flickertista Records)

Also for free you can listen and even download MP3 samples of music written for film here.