Track Listings:
1. The Astounding World of Dirt MP3
2. Coffee Shoppe    
3. Hand People Stuff    
4. Live From The Vatican MP3   

5. Knock Knock Joke    
6. Vacuuzilla    
7. Bedtime Story    
8. Deja Video Part 1    
9. Stand-Up Poe*    
10. Deja Video Part 2    
11. Trickum, Treatum & Assoc.* MP3  
12. Floundering Fathers    
13. Monster Campout*    
14. E.R. Cafe
15. 10-4 Glubner  

*Holloween Related



Flicker Noise

Barry Smith

Arman Boyles

Kevin Keelty

Chris Lotspeich

Laura Smith

Lee Ingram


Matt Schmidt

Valarie Valene

MK Viakley


"Thank GOD these quirky, wacky, earthy, anal geniuses have the spare time to amuse us with cheesy records spouting four letter words and witty satire."
Steve Skinner, News


Review of The Astounding World of Dirt
By Barley Smooth, critic

I hold in my trembling hands a compact disc called, "Flicker Noise Presents The Astounding World Of Dirt." My hands tremble from a combination of caffeine, anticipation and what can only be called lust. Yes, lust. The thought of inserting this CD into my five-disc changer brings lust to my heart.

Flicker Noise is a comedy troupe from the Aspen area that you have more than likely never heard of. These people are not the glitzy gazillionaires that you may associate with Aspen, however. They are hard working artists living in the belly of the Beast. But whereas others find themselves being digested by the juices found in this belly, the crew of Flicker Noise use stomach acid recreationally. And it shows in their comedy.

I steady myself and place the CD in the empty slot, send the tray back in and press - steady now - PLAY.

The first track is also the title track, a send-up of the insultingly simple educational films that those of us of a certain age may have had to watch when our teachers didn't feel like teaching that day. As the narrator waxes poetic about the many uses of that ever-present godsend, dirt ("And what about the future of dirt? Well, imagine a car that runs on dirt! Where dirt is concerned, anything is possible!"), I find myself unsuccessfully trying to stifle a guffaw. Guffaws should not, nay, MUST not, be stifled. I may as well let it flow early on, as there is a solid fifty minutes of sketch comedy to get through.

I believe it was satirist Paul Krassner who said that sacred cows make the best hamburgers. If this is true, then Flicker Noise is a full-blown backyard bar-b-q of irreverent comedy, with plenty of surreal potato salad on the picnic table. This is serve-yourself comedy, buffet lines and reinforced paper plates and plastic forks that won't snap off in the sarcastic cole slaw.

If you like comedy, then you must own this CD. If you don't like comedy, you should really learn to, because everyone thinks you're a total drag to be around.


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