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Product starts tracking Earth

Mr. Scott Rader flew out from Tennessee and we laid down the bed tracks for the new album, Earth.


Visit the EARTH site


We rented/borrowed drum kit parts and put together
a real nice sounding DW kit.


Mixed Front of House for the Aspen Music Festival


Feb- I mixed Howard Dean in Harris Hall

May- I edited and mixed the 2006 radio promo/onlinepromo

Summer- I flew out and mixed a few shows including:

Ideas Festival -
recorded Rosanne Cash for Studio 360 NY

and Mixed FOH for:

Sandra O'Conner-Supreame Court Justice
Brian Green- String Theory
Alan Greenspan- Finance expert (his wife didn't want him to wear a headset mic because she was afraid he'd look like madonna...really)
Sydney Pollack- Film Director
Karl Rove- Grand Lord Master of Darkness

Music for the Meastro B-Day Gala
Bad Sketch Comedy by:
David Zinman
Cho-Laing Lin
Murrey Sidlin
Herbert Greenberg
Yefim Bronfman
Joseph Kalichstein
Gil Shaham

Who Killed Mozart

Britten War Requiem

rehearsal for Brittans War Requiem

Club Mixing

This year I mixed in some local clubs. I prefer mixing live sound in a theater atmosphere, however there were some times you have to do club thing. Highlights:

The Drifters- The Attic (Santa Cruz)

Mixed Mons for a few nights for Brook here at the Catalyst.

Frank Black


US Comedy Arts Festival

Did my yeary trip to Aspen to get paid to laugh, at least some of the time.





Check out this link to see more picts.


Fiddler on the Roof
Aspen Community Theatre


Drove out to Aspen for three weeks to do sound design for the 30th anniversary of the Aspen Community Theatres production of Fiddler.




Montalvo Arts Center



Started to do occasional work mixing at the Villa Montolvo Arts Center which included an interesting spectrum of acts like:

Windham Hill (new age)
KPIG (Country Bluegrass)
The Bleeding Edge Festival (electronic noise)


African Showcase



Earth Wind and Fire



So Barry starts writing humor for Live Sound Magazine. This is an audio trade magazine for which I have a subscription. At one point he asked me for some help with some audio lingo for an article he was writing about an audiovisual technician breaking into stripping. Kind of an inside joke about how un-sexy our industry is. So I'm off doing a gig in the bay area and we are having breakfast with another sound company. I crack a joke about much women love stage blacks and a guy from the other sound company asked, "Did you read that AV stripper thing in Live Sound?"

Meanwhile Barry, Tom and I were trying to come up with a subject for a new comedy short to shoot. Seemed suddenly obvious.

Coming in Febuary:


Shooting the opening scene.

Corby, with his homemade dolly. You too with just a sheet of plywood, table leaf, skate board, bungie cords, broom handle and a cat scratching post, can get three feet of a smooth dolly shot.



Corby & Tom

The Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble

In the begining of 2006 I mixed a series of live shows with the group. The highlight being at the Santa Cruz civic with the Santa Cruz Symphony.







David Gilmour

Oh yes, I usually don't get exited about meeting celebrities, but ... ok, my buddy Myles used to get taken care of by David Gilmour’s nanny along with his kids. It's a long story, but somehow there I was shaking the mans hand backstage after seeing him live with a comp ticket. It's worth mentioning that Pink Floyds The Wall was the first rock concert I ever saw. I've known who David was since I was 12 years old and is royalty in my little world.

When I was working as an assistant recording engineer in LA I worked for a while with James Guthrie who co-produced The Wall and has mixed a bunch of Roger Waters as well as the remastering/mixing the Floyd catalog. James is used and respected by both the Gilmour and Waters camps and is a great engineer.


Anyway I met David Gilmour...

Educational Symposia


High end audiovisual for medical conferences. The picts pretty much say it all.