2008 Highlights

A "Cliff Notes" of some of my projects of 2008.

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2008 Highlights
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Product: Earth

This year Scott and I finally finished our fourth album

Took three years and recorded in Santa Cruz, CA and in Maryville, TN.



product: Music Makers


Also been working on updating the band website.

Check it out:

product home


This is Barrys third one man show. It's about all the stuff he keeps.

At this point we have the whole long distance collaboration down. I get a DVD of a reading done in front of an audience and score the mussic like it's a film. We adjust from there with timing and mood.


This is a 6min promo from the show he did at the Wheeler Opera House in Dec '08:


visit for more info :

Divide Light

Recorded the world premier of a new opera at Montalvo Arts Center.

(below) The Montalvo Garden Theater

(below) first music reading with singers.


(below) My control room was in the billiards room of the Montalvo Mansion.

Aspen Community Theatre



Went back to Aspen for three weeks
to handle the sound design and mixing for a fine
production of Chicago.

(below) Wireless Mics, both friend and foe.



Still doing AV for medical conferences. Some perks, but I need more coffee just mentioning it.

Vegas Ballroom (Wynn)

Snowmass Lodging

Venice (not really, just Vegas again)




We updated the website with a bit more info
and many more pictures. Check it out.


This year we did some BIGGER jobs including the breaking of the World Record for Kuchipudi dancing.

Tent makes a big sound system look small.






Bonnie and Clyde

So my kitty Dinah finally passed after 17 years and I adopted this pair of wackazoids. Awesome.


Not new, but an ongoing and growing collection of videos I produced with the help of my friends over the last 10 years.

Click the "TV" to go to the master list of FREE shorts.