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Finished the surround mix for the feature film AV. I was actually involved from the moment my buddy John told me he was starting a script and wanted to make a movie. I was able to collect sounds over a period of months on a hand held recorder because I was allowed to see the ruff edits and knew what was coming. Ton of work, but was a total pleasure.


Herr Direktor John Silva




Arman's 1st solo album on iTunes!

Previously unreleased material recorded in L.A. between 1991-1998


Also, check out FREE samples of Arman's film score work here:




Also product is now available at:

And of course you can listen right here and now:



product home


I've known these guys for TWENTY YEARS!

Mixed a few tunes, mastered and even did the CD layout for their latest album.

Soon to be released on Musea Records.


L to R George, Danny and Scott


Back in the day.



Barry Smith has a NEW SHOW!

Every Job I've Ever Had

visit for more info :

Barry has a new show on how not getting a real job and following your bliss pays off. Especially if you're the type that enjoys getting photographed sitting in a wheelbarrow.

I composed all the music again. On one cue I got a bit excited and Barry had to calm me down by telling me he "wanted to drive it home, but not that much." As of the writing of this he already performed it at the Wheeler Opera House and is sending me a 5 camera HD video to edit.




"Smith's multimedia, autobiographical comedy is obsessive, compulsive and very funny."
– Montreal Gazette

"The laughter felt like it came from my toes."
– Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

"A clever, coherent, expansive and oddly inspiring multimedia, one-man show."
-The Aspen Times








Educational Symposia

Audio Visual for continuing education for physicians.

This year I worked two meetings in NYC, one in spring and one in winter.


John with friend.

Monica as girl that comes with picture frame.

Set for the musical In the Hieghts.

Dec in NYC






Back in Vegas

(rollover image)

The pool I never use.

Mr. Sean Eikman, man in charge.



Winter Ski Season

Breckenridge, CO



Inside NYC meeting


SETI is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
The SETI institute is a NASA funded group of astronomers that study findings from all sorts of missions. The active "listening"is funded by private funding. These folks are scientists and work strictly from evidence-basedreasoning. They don't believe we have ever been visited by ET, or that we ever will be, based on what we know about mass and energy. Also, they aren't listening for a "message," but simply for signals between 1 and 10 gHz, which could indicate technology. I didn't work this event. I was an curious attendee along with my longtime Aspen freind and artist/writer/science buff Carrie Paterson.

Jill Tarter (Jodie Foster's character in "Contact" was based on her)

Panels of Sci Fi writers and Scientists filled the days.

OK I know this is what you want to see. Live Long and Prosper...dammit.

Carrie during a break explains string theory.



Did some work for Brook and Chris at Live Oak Sound.
Included a few nights at the new Atrium at The Catalyst

Also worked my first show in my hometown of Aptos.

Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance





Enjoyed mixing mons for all the cool guys at the Rioows.

Patty Griffith

soundcheck from mon world




(click poster to view trailer)

Did audio post-production for the award winning short Morning Coffee.




A few picts from working for Andy and Gary at Audio Production Group
which consists of Location Digital Recording and Nor Cal Sound.


St. Theresa, Oakland


Persian group at De Anza Performing Arts Center


Los Gatos 4th of July Concert




The great thing about doing overhire for the stagehand local is it's always different and I always learn something.

Not many picts, but work this year ranged from a car show in an airplane hangar...

...to the ballet.



A collection of videos I produced with the help of my friends over the last 10 years.

Click the "TV" to go to the master list of FREE shorts.