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This year I did a side project with Bassist John Borgman, who I met while recording
Two Beans and a Grape. It was an intense 5 monthes from "hey lets get together
and see what happens" to a CD release. It's a true collaboration in the sense that
anyone who knows our indevidual past work can hear what we each brought to the table. When I was in third grade the teacher, Mr. Arnold, would go around the class and put a squibble on a blank piece of paper and we would have to fill it in. This is how John and I would work. One of us would put a "squibble" down in Logic and pass the session on to the other. That person could then rearrange, add, twist or whatever then pass it back. Eventually we got something we were both proud of. You can check out the website here:





Also this year I decided to release a collection of instrumental electronic music I did in the late 90's in LA and in Aspen, CO .
It includes collaborations I did with Clay Chaplin and Derek VanScoten

You can get it FREE here:



Me circa 1995

Various Interesting Jobs


Richard Thompson, who was voted one of the 20 best guitar players of all time and scored Grizzly Man for Werner Herzog did three nights of requests at Montalvo Arts Center. My job was to find, format and print lyrics for the songs he didn't know by heart (which was't many), walk out and hand them to him. Nice gig.

Worked a few times at the Monterey Fairgrounds this year. Above is the set up for the Monterey Jazz Festival. This is the stage where Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire.

Worked a Further concert, which is the latest version of The Dead. Nice gear, but
anyone that knows me knows that I am not a Greateful Dead fan.

Seemed to be a disconnect between the audience and the crew.

Note to hippies- if you trying to sneak onto the stage you need to look more like this:

This is Julian. We go way back actually. We both worked backstage at the
Aspen Music Festival in the late 90s together.

Worked a high end car show on the fairway at Pebble Beech. In some parts of the world
people still have money for expensive toys. I guess I got paid so I'll shut up now.





Did some work for Live Oak Sound as well as a few dates at
the Catalyst .


Reverend Horton Heat. I was just babysitting the system for that one, but had a nice view.

Schedule for a different night at monitor world.

Did mons for Too Short at the Catalylist. Surreal. I guess I just don't get it. Good for him.


Spent one day mixing a show that this group of folks wrote and produced based on Myan Myth.
They wrote the music, made the costumes and performed the show for free in San Juan Buetista.


Two day Rejuvanation festival in Mendocino I mixed. Peace, love and cale burgers.




Educational Symposia

Audio Visual for continuing education for physicians. Have plenty of pictures of gear and
meeting rooms, But here are some off time fun aventures.

AV crew in space...

Taking a limo to the projector I need to focus.

Steamboat Springs, CO


New York Public Library main branch.



So John and I decide to see an exhibition at MOMA called Music 2.0. The FIRST thing you see
is this album by Kraftwerk. This is important to me because my dad used to listen to German electronic
music all the time when I was a kid (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Shultz) and I knew somehow Bowie, Eno and even Run DMC and beastie boys owed a lot to that movement. I'm not going to write my paper
on this now, but just want to say ...COOL.




Anyone with a compulsive disorder can appriciate these pages from
my scrapbook.

We bought our tickets before the show even previewed. Our $110 tickets were going for $400
by the time we got there. Amazing show, done really well. Won 9 Tonys this year!

Book of Morman preshow set.

John Silva pondering Beastie Boys at Moma Music 2,0


Talking Heads and Brian Eno/David Byrne albums.



Inteteresting events I went to as an observer:

I don't usually pay to go to concerts. I work enough show not to want to go to shows.
However this year Philip Glass decided to start a festival in my backyard (Carmel) and was
playing the old stuff from the 70's New York scene. In fact, to tie him to the MOMA 2.0 show (above)
David Bowie and Brian Eno met at a Glass concert, Glass then did Hero and Low smphonies later based on
Eno and Bowies work.

Close up of Glass's set up at the concert with his sheet music.


This year my buddy David Streit and I explored the exploritorium in San Fran. They had a
really cool listening exhibit. This is a echo tube. I liked the Thermin they had.

Also went to the Audio Engineering Society xmas meeting at DreamWorks and saw the Paul McCartney
documentary "The Love We Make" Directed by Albert Maysles, in their theater.




I love working at the Rio. Gear always works, great shows, cool people...

Mon World





From Front of House


Other picts:

Parents and I at the Kennedy Center.

At my parents house at Fawn Lake

Cats got an iPad.




This year I did some music for Frogfish Films Belize Promo. I had to do it twice because
the first version sounded like a horror movie soundtrack. Light background music turns out
does not come naturally to me.




Research for the new Product album was in full force this last year. I could do a talk now
on Houdini and the spiritual movement of the early 1900s.

from New York Library

From San Fransico Contemporary Jewish Museum.






A collection of videos I produced with the help of my friends over the last 10 years.

Click the "TV" to go to the master list of FREE shorts.