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Flicker Noise flíck-er noiz . The combination of random elements (white noise) and predictable elements (brown noise), often said to be "nature-like" and/or "lasagna-like." First discovered in the mid-30's (exact century unknown), Flicker Noise was crucial for the war effort (exact war unknown.) When peace once again ruled the land, Flicker Noise was immediately outlawed (even for medicinal use), yet still thrived in the underground (exactly how far under unknown) movement and continues to be popular among those who appreciate an abundance of parenthetical asides (like you).

Flicker Noise is the step-brainchild of writer Barry Smith and producer Arman Boyles. The two share similar early influences, such as spending much of their formative years in poorly ventilated, freshly painted rooms. They like to think of “The Noise” as a kind of Monty Python meets The Firesign Theater and decide they don't like each other.They think this is a really clever way to think about things.

Flicker Noise began as a variety radio show with an increasing emphasis on humor. After the radio show ran its course, the most humorous bits were gathered on a fine comedy CD - "Flicker Noise Presents: The Astounding World of Dirt."

From the exciting world of audio comedy, the troupe made the natural leap to video, producing sketch comedy episodes and a travel documentary for local television. Their award winning short film, "Diary of a Flagger," is coming soon to a film festival near you.


















"A sort of twisted Gen-X version of A Prarie Home Companion ... it is flat out the best locally produced programming I have heard in the Aspen area during the last 15 years."
Hal Clifford, The Aspen Times

"A highly produced piece, reminiscent of The Firesign Theater." Brent Gardner-Smith, Roaring Fork Sunday


"The most original, refreshing collage of skits, irreverancy, social comment and masterful splicings that this curmudgon has heard in 35 years in the valley."
Su Lum, The Aspen Times



produced and edited by Arman Christoff Boyles
written, co-produced and performed by Barry Smith

featuring writing and performance by Chris Lotspeich

and the talents and minds of:
Lee Ingram
Kevin Keelty
Dan LeBlanc
Laura Smith

With special thanks to Lou Bendrick and Hal Clifford, Dan Ostergren, Matt Schmidt, Valerie Valene, MK Viakley, Sean Sunkle, Carrie Patterson, Linda Carmichael, Louise Harris, Dean Ingram and Mother Ingram for their contributions.







Our CD is called, for reasons that really aren't worth going into, "The Astounding World Of Dirt." Ha! Isn't that intruiging? Doesn't that make the credit card wriggle from your pants? I hope that's your credit card, but, you know ... whatever it takes.


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