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Flicker Films Online

This year I finally posted a bunch of video projects that my buddies and I did over the last decade. Here are a few recommendations:

Bear Cam

Cano's Castle

Rips Trade 'n' Post



Last year at this time we were editing a new bit called AV guy. We finished and is featured at /www.prosoundweb.com with about 5000 views.

AV Guy



Click the "TV" to go to the master list of FREE shorts.

American Squatter

Forward by Barry Smith

"Don't forget Music and Sound Design for Award-Winning Multimedia Comedy in the highlights page...and it seems like having a one-eyed cat should be in there somewhere, too, if only because it sounds like a Tom Waits lyric..."


I did in fact compose the Music and Sound Design for Barrys' new show American Squatter. He spent the summer touring and then did "American Squatter" at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen. Our buddies managed a three camera video shoot with good audio which allowed for a good broadcast quality video. Check out the promo:



Two Beans And A Grape
100 Years

This Album was tracked about three days. Mixed in about four. The sessions ran like clock work and were a lot of fun.


More Session Photos

Recorded mixed and mastered at my home studio:



Of course our latest album is now over a year into production, because of me. Good news is all the main tracking is complete so we are finalizing the mixes in Tennessee in March 2008.

Piano tracking to lap top

My home studio

Montalvo Arts Center

Sadly I came in during what appears to be the end of an era at Montalvo. No more big live acts during the summer. But last summer I worked with:

Dianne Reeves
Herbie Hancock
Mavis Staples
Bill Frisell
Vieux Farka Touré
Charlie Hunter Trio
Bruce Cockburn
Blind Boys of Alabama
Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood
Ron Sexsmith

Monitor World my POV


Salman Rushdie my POV

Mixed Front of House for Madam Butterfly at the Aspen Music Festival

Well Actually I ended up not mixing much. But we were ready with wireless mics for all the singers in case it rained. But the weather was good so all I had to do was fire off a sound effect of a Cannon. That said, it was the most high pressure sound effect I've had to fire.


Educational Symposia

Got to go to some cool places like Whistler,BC doing video production for ESI. Oh yeah, and got a cup from Toni the meeting planner:

Armans Fine Gift

my co-worker in action

Mark Burrows AV Samurai (freelance)

Also went to
New Orleans

San Diego/TJ



30 Year Anniversary
Aspen Community Theatre

This last year I did a double booking in Aspen in Febuary. The first was doing sound for a 30 year Anniversary show for the Aspen Community theater which was a concert performance of over 20 musicals.

and then


US Comedy Arts Festival

Sadly they will no longer be doing the festival in Aspen, Which means no more festival for me. But it was a good run. This year I was standing near Norman Lear when he yelled, "we love you Dave" to a slightly intence and introspective Dave Chappelle at a 2am surprise performance in our venue.

Here some crew picts.



Location Digital Recording/CNBC

Did two live broadcast audio gigs for CNBC. I was on a big three mass sailing ship for Power Lunch and a front of house mixer for Fast Money.

Yes thats G.E. Smith

FAST MONEY, yes it was.

Walter Murch and Drew Todd

I have a buddy named Drew Todd who has been my friend since I was three years old. Despite that fact that we both moved around a lot our whole life we somehow both now live in Santa Cruz and both like film. He teaches Film History at UCSC and I like producing.

We both agree it would be difficult to choose one favorite movie, but The Conversation would be a top contender for sure. For me the movie resonates on many levels, it's about a sound guy AND the sound design is a feature of the film. The Sound Designer, in fact the first guy with that credit, was Walter Murch.

Just so happens also this year my editor/film maker buddy John Silva and I were working in Vegas in the same Hotel as a big Final Cut Pro Users Group meeting and Walter Murch was the featured speaker. So he lined us up with some tickets. Just a nice theme for the year. Now I like the movie more than ever.

Walter Murch at the Venetian







As for the one eyed cat. This is my cat Dinah, she is a 17 year old diabetic who had to have an eye removed this last summer. But she is alive and kicking... well sleeping anyway.

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