2005 Highlights

A few selected projects from 2005

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2005 Highlights

Products " The Fire" Released

Our 3rd album came out this year. Scott and I did most of the tracking here at the house and mixed at his place in LA. Since, Scott moved to Tennessee, for some reason, so we are now figuring out the logistics for the new album which is slated for 2007.




Two Beans and a Grape "Hangin Around"

Recorded, mixed and mastered the debut album in less than 7 days but you would never know it. It was good fun, despite some computer bugs, and it was nice for me to get into other peoples music. It was basically like "Hangin Around" with friends making music and the only casualty was one tea kettle.


Jesus In Montana

My buddy and production partner Barry wrote a modest one man show, which I did the music and sound design for. Next thing I know we are at The Village Theater in New York where he walked away with Best Solo Performance at the NYC Fringe Festival. It was a whirlwind trip full of focus and bagles.


August in NYC. Hot as hell.

The Light at Point Arena

"on DVD As Seen on PBS!"

Did some music and sound design for my old freind Corby Anderson who produced, shot and edited this interesting peice on the lighthouse and it's surrounding town.



US Comedy Arts Festival

Did my yeary trip to Aspen to get paid to laugh, at least some of the time.


Check out this link to see more picts.


Aspen Music Festival Promo

Edited and mixed this little promo CD for my old friends at the
Aspen Music Festival. You can listen on line.




The Santa Cruz White Album Ensemble

Mixed front of house for "Sgt. Peppers Mystery Tour" Live at the Rio Theater. These guys did Sgt Pepper and Magic Mystery Tour albums back to back. Good stuff.