PRODUCT is the work of Arman Christoff Boyles (Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards) and Scott Rader (Drums and Bass). They first started working together on music in 1990 in Los Angeles. Throughout the 90’s they collaborated on many projects, but it wasn't until 1999 that they had outlined a road map to create fully realized concept albums. Using the classical elements and historical figures as inspiration, PRODUCT revisits the sensibilities of the progressive art rock concept albums of the 70’s, but with a contemporary sound.  They have been compared to mood oriented bands such as Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree, but bands such as King Crimson, Genesis and Marillion have also been cited.

PRODUCT has recorded five long playing CDs that are intended to be played from beginning to end as a theater for the mind.  Their debut album "On Water" follows the story of Jacob Nagle, a young sailor during the American Revolution. "Aire" is an album about Galileo and touches on subjects regarding science and church. "The Fire" is a political based work on the life of Nero.  Their fourth album, "Earth", examines the life of Nikola Tesla and reflects on our relationship with technology.  The latest realease "Aether" follows the life of Harry Houdini and his interaction with the spiritual movement. 



1990 - The early years.

Below are recordings made at California State Dominguez Hills and were a collaboration between Arman Christoff Boyles and friends Danny Flores, George Picado and Scott Rader from the band Ring of Myth. Scott was drummer for ROM throughout the 90's.

Arman with the band Ring of Myth:

Human Masqurade


Deep Sleep


Arman and Scott class projects:

Mirror Room

(produced by Paul Carlos)

Used to You

The Wanting


Queefer the Dog
(written by Scott Rader, somehow)

Throughout the mid 90's Arman and Scott continued to collaborate on occasion. Most of these recording ended up on Armans first solo album Nocturne

In 1998 Arman starts writing On Water which becomes the first PRODUCT release in 2000.  The process included writing all the song lyrics in a screenplay format including locations and weather.  These visual cues and story structures are a big part of all Product albums.  






product: Music Makers

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(L to R) George Picado, Danny Flores,
Arman C. Boyles and Scott Rader




Scott 1990




Arman 1994